Strata Flooring
Beautiful Wood Designs
Euro Flooring
Woodland Euro Flooring for the discerning
Laminate Pasadena Collection
The affordable good looks of Woodland Lifestyle Laminate Flooring
Bamboo Flooring
The natural beauty of Woodland Lifestyle Bamboo Flooring

Style. Quality. Innovation.

The Woodland Lifestyle flooring range of bamboo, laminate and euro flooring will breathe style, fresh appeal and ambience into any room.

Available in a range of modern and traditional styles Woodland Lifestyle will match any décor, vision or dream.

Our commitment to style, quality and innovation can only be truly appreciated in person.


Style. Quality. Simplicity.

Manufactured in Belgium, the Balterio Flooring range stands out. Style, Quality and Simplicity is the best description.

Beautiful Wood Designs

Strata Flooring with ISOCORE Technology™ is 100% waterproof flooring suitable for every room in your home including kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries.


Multilayer Herringbone

Multi-layer herringbone flooring featuring ISOCORE and DROPLOCK 400 technologies. The traditional Herringbone look while being easy to install, hardwearing and fully waterproof.


Multilayer Tiles

Multi-layer tile flooring featuring ISOCORE and DROPLOCK 400 technologies. With point-to-point installation, Crete provides a genuine tile look as a floating, easy to install and waterproof floor.


With a range of designer-selected colours and grain looks, Woodland Lifestyle Laminate Flooring offers a low-cost flooring option with upmarket looks.


The Aurum Vision range of Woodland Lifestyle Euro Flooring has been designed to highlight the individual character of every home or interior.


The natural beauty and distinctive clean, modern look of Woodland Lifestyle Bamboo Flooring will add elegance to any room within your home.

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