Pet-friendly flooring options

Have pets? What is the best flooring for homeowners with four legged friends. Consider the following two most important questions to avoid damage or expensive issues.

  1. Water-resistant or waterproof?

No matter how well trained a pet, accidents can happen. There are also spills from food and water bowls, messes after bath time, mud on legs and paws and dogs that drool a lot. Therefore, an easy care, water resistant floor is desirable. Consider a laminate surface treated to be impervious to moisture and staining or a hybrid multi-layer floor like Strata or Metroflor which is totally waterproof.

Strata and our Metroflor range are both finished with an Ultra-fresh™ anti-microbial treatment to inhibit unwanted bacteria and resulting odours, keeping your home healthier.

  1. Scratch- resistant?

Pet’s nails make contact with the ground when they walk and this alone can cause scratches. A scratch resistant floor is desirable such as floors which have a strong protective layer on top. Consider a Balterio laminate which has a surface of melamine resin reinforced with aluminium oxide, one of the hardest mineral compounds know to man. This surface is resistant to scratches making it more wear-resistant than timber.

Pet-friendly flooring should also be easy to maintain. A quick vacuum with a soft brush followed by damp mop will maintain a floors good looks for a lifetime. Please note, steam mops are not recommended on any laminate or vinyl floors.

If seeking a natural timber floor with pets, strand woven bamboo flooring is more durable, stain resistant and scratch resistant than most hardwoods. Check out your bamboo selection on the Janka hardness test and ensure all water spills are cleaned up immediately.

When selecting a new floor, go for a lighter finish such as natural oaks and more neutral, less glossy finishes. Normal wear and tear and scratches occurring over time will be less visible on these floors than darker colours.


Words by L M Powell

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